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Sabra Trade’s mission is to help companies tap into the European Region. We are dedicated to success, long-term relationships, and trust.


Sabra Trade offers services to increase market presence, diversify revenue sources, access new resources, improve economies of scale and increase competitiveness.


Drugstores, department stores, DIY stores, sports outlets, orthodontists, dentists, acoustic measurements and rubber recycling.


Market Research

The economies of different regions are interdependent, there is, however, an enormous diversity within it as well. As a result, the expansion can be based on the most suitable population, economy, and location.

Distributorship & Agency

Setting up an office could be more costly than using a counterparty with existing distribution channels, as well as understanding cultural, economic, and legal differences.

Storage Facilities

Help to reduce expenses associated with shipping and transportation. Products can be freely moved between countries under the Free Movement of Goods policy, providing an opportunity to expand to neighboring countries.


Enhancing sales processes in existing and/or new markets by analyzing market trends and identifying areas of improvement. 

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